Large organizations often have high volume of data managed through computerized system. With ever changing and improving business and technology practices, there arises the requirement to transform data into different format than the current one. Be in complete control by cost, accuracy and quality with Data Processing Services by i vesta technologies.

With the offshore facility located in India, mature process understanding and dedication towards quality makes i vesta technologies the ideal choice for every kind of data processing projects. Our flexibility allows us to work with any size and shape of organization as well as any kind of requirements for data processing.

i vesta technologies offers high volume data processing as well as long term outsourced data processing.

i vesta technologies offers:

Data Processing Services such as:
  • Formatting of Data like Mailing list, Forums etc.
  • Sort, track and retrieve
  • Scanning from hard copies, Microfilm, Microfiche & Com fiche
  • OCR, ICR, OMR [Capturing/Cleansing/Enrichment]
  • Indexing, Abstracting & Archiving
  • Structure/Restructure
  • Content Management
  • Database Creation and Updation
  • Format/Reformat/Modify/Update Index
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • Information Verification and Conversion
Data Format Conversion Services such as:
  • PDF Conversion
  • Dejavu Conversion
  • Xml / Html / Sgml / xHtml Conversion
  • MathML Conversion
Image Processing Services such as:
  • Image Conversion
  • Image Cropping
  • Image Enhancement
  • Vectorization
E-Book Processing Services such as:
  • E-Book Creation
  • E-Book Publishing
  • Hard Copy Books to Electronic form

Form Processing Services such as:

  Insurance Claim forms   Legal forms
  Medical claim forms   Subscriptions forms
  Patient record forms   Rebate forms
  Coupon redemption forms   Resume processing
  Survey/Market Research forms   College sports rosters
  Credit card application forms   Rental forms
  College sports rosters   E-mail forms
  Shipping documents   Online forms
  HTML forms   Invoices / Purchase orders
  CGI forms   Tax forms
  ASP, JSP & PHP forms   Immigration forms
  Accounts / Tax forms   Questionnaires
  Product registration forms   Market research forms
      Payroll Processing

Or any customized process and/or format required by client.

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