XML [Extensible Markup Language] Conversion will be done on the inputs like:
  • Pre Printed books/PDF
  • Hand Written Manuscripts
  • Scanned Images
  • Soft copies
When an input is supplied in any non editable format (such as hard copies or scanned images) it is first converted to soft copy using the data conversion methods.

The softcopy is then hard coded with XML tags as per the DTD supplied by the client. DTD is a Document Type Definition

Why XML Conversion:
The XML files enable us to publish in web media with the help of CSS [Cascade Style Sheet] or XSL [Extensible Style Sheet]. These files can also be used in Print Media through some intermediate software (i.e. 3B2/Indesign/Frame Maker/Arbor Text) for Type Setting and create a print ready PDF.

i vesta technologies has rich experience in high-volume data conversion of hard copies, typeset files, scanned documents, microfilm etc to XML, SGML & HTML format. i vesta technologies has garnered ample expertise in conversion projects including the varied fields of law, finance, medicine, science & technical etc.

i vesta technologies's cost effective ePublishing solutions facilitates the publishers to provide the varied benefits of the best quality, shorter turnaround time, more responsive service and robust multi-channel content delivery to their customers (authors).

The experienced epublishing team, specialized in the powerful array of authoring tools and features enable the delivery of high quality output on-time... every time. Our ongoing support and obsessive service will keep the client productive and engaged to seek new revenue opportunities.

i vesta technologies's "XML/SGML-Focused" workflow enables deliverance simultaneously in print and online formats by seeding content with SGML or XML tags prior to copyediting or page layout. It offers CSS & DTD Development Services (SGML/XML) for all types of Books and Journals.   i vesta technologies handles projects based on customer's specifications (DTDs or schema) or helps them to develop customized tagging systems. Tagging can include hyper-linking to external documents, Internet site, table of contents and document indexes.

Service Map

  Offerings     To the Publishers of
  Data Entry     Journals
  DTD Development     Books
  Specifications Development     Financial & Legal Publications
  CSS Creation     Reference Works
  XML / SGML Coding   Scholarly Works
  PDF Conversion     Dictionaries
  TeX / LATEX to XML     Biographies
  MSS / XTG / 3B2 / Doc to XML     Novels
  XML / TXT To XTG      

Our in-house developed software package that enables automated conversion for

  • Tiff to SGML
  • Tiff to XML
  • Tiff to HTML
  • Tex to XML / PDF
  • LaTex to XML / PDF
  • 3B2 to TeX / XML / Giff
  • XML to XTG
  • Word to XML
  • MSS to XML
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