E-Book Development

Reading is a constructive hobby. After technology invaded every other facet of life, reading was untouched until e-books and reading apps made their way into this world. Cutting down on paper, going light for travel, and enabling publishing of a book within few clicks online, e-books are a big takeaway for several years now. Apart from being user-friendly, e-books help one and all go-green with their smaller sizes.

At IVT, we are committed to working on the multi-lingual conversion of paperbacks to digital format. With a professional team in place, there is no dearth of skill to develop focused publishing services. We cover languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish and more for this is a diverse world that is loaded with content all over.

Our channelized services comprise of targeted publishing such as for specific devices like iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, Mobi and other hand held devices. There are enough bands in our spectrum to allow audio books, picture/comic books, HTML5 E-Books and artwork/graphic design. We are also extending our capabilities to support narration-oriented style e-books, an-app-for-a-book type, and specific interactive and e-books abundant with multimedia. Moreover, we are open to unique requirements from the clients (if any).

ePUB2 and ePUB3 Conversion

IVT have serviced many clients globally in the E-Book arena. Data in any form such as Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, RTF, 3B2, XML, HTML can be converted into digital books. IVT provides these ePUB conversions with the IDPF standards in mind. This digitally converted media can be easily accessible on any device that is compatible with multiple reading applications. ePUB is compatible with:

Windows ADE  |  Mac  |  Linux computers  |  Nook  |  Sony Reader  |  iPad  |  iPod Touch  |  Android, etc

Our services include a multitude of areas when it comes to ePUB3 formatting. Our experts take an ardent effort towards the overall outcome by putting their best in the encoding, presentation, packaging, etc. These efforts conceptualize the client’s ideas into solutions. The major reason behind the rising popularity of E-Books is the ePUB format of electronic publishing.

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